Light Dinner

Light Dinner

Greek Special

One Chicken Gyro and one

Opa! Opa! Special

Two Gyros, served with french

#22. Gyro Omelet

Green peppers, onions, tomatoes and

#21. Gyro Plate Chicago Style

Wrapped in bread with potatoes

#20. Santorini Chicken Filet

Breaded Chicken served with onions,

#19. Opa! Opa! Barbecue Gyro

Grilled onions marinated with barbecue

#18. Calzone

Slice Beef, vegetables and American

#17. Gyro Burgers

A patty char-broiled and topped

#16. Souvlaki

Shish Kabob of Beef, Lamb,

#15. Three Gyros Tacos

Soft flour tortilla with lettuce,

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